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  • Muud

    Muud Living is a danish brand with a scandinavian mindset, making Accessories for yarn, knitting needles etc. in 100% leather! High quality products made with genuine leather that will last for years.

  • re:designed

    Re:Designed est. 2003 - Crafting Timeless Leather Handbags

    Established in Denmark in 2003, Re:Designed is synonymous with quality leather handbags. Our passion for slow fashion drives us to create enduring designs in patinated leather. Each design is meticulously handmade in collaboration with skilled artisans at our Danish headquarters. Quality is at our core, evident in every collection featuring soft grained leather with a patinated finish that only grows more beautiful with time.

    Re:Designed was born out of a shared passion for fashion. Founded in 2003 by Allan Feder and a partner, it began as a dream to create something new. Little did they know how far it would go.

    In 2003, the company started with the idea of distributing clothes from the Italian brand 'Dixie.' Both founders had extensive experience in the fashion industry, with one managing orders and shipments and the other handling budgets and invoices. This dynamic duo laid the foundation for Re:Designed.

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Showing 13 - 24 of 65 items